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Overwatch Size Compilation Vol. 2 | Extended Edition

3 ratings
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Overwatch Size Compilation Vol. 2 | Extended Edition

3 ratings

Could the heroes people love be corrupted as size changes their perception of good and evil? In Overwatch Size Compilation Vol. 2, discover what happens when your favorite heroes are faced with beings so much smaller than them or end up towering above everyone else!

Overwatch Size Compilation Vol. 2 | Extended Edition is an 73 pages medley of all the content I've created in the OW universe in 2021 - including the "Personally" comic in glorious full resolution and every chapter of the "Victims of the Anomaly" series. It features 21 striking visuals illustrating 13 exciting stories (over 9000 words!).

Exclusively with the Extended Edition, you'll also receive:

- Each individual panel from the "Personally" comic in glorious 4K.

- Alternative edits of some of the renders in this compilation.

Overwatch Size Compilation Vol. 2 contains Shrunken Man (SM), Shrunken Woman (SW), Micro, Mega, Giga, Nudity, Gentle, Cruel, Inshoe, Nylons, Panty Entrapment, Dangling, Vore, POV, Handheld, Crush and Unaware material.

Add a ton of mischief and here you have it!

Make sure to check out Volume 1 if you haven't yet to be fully caught up on my OW work!

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The Extended Edition of Overwatch Size Compilation Vol. 2 features 21 renders & comics illustrating 13 exciting stories for a total of 9000 words. Plus, you'll have each individual panel of the "Personally" comic in 4K and alternative edits of the renders present in this compilation..

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